Tuesday, July 18, 2006

How do you get to Labasa other than by plane?

How can you get to Labasa other than by plane?

Well, there’s two or more ferries that can take you to Vanua Levu, mainly to Savusavu. I’ve been on the Adi Savusavu four times and it’s the best way to go, though you do need a spare ten hours to do it. Then it’s about two and a half hours by road e.g. by bus from Savusavu to Labasa. Great views of mountains on the way.

From Denholm’s diary – two yachties without a boat ‘From Suva we took an overnight ferry to Savusavu on the island of Vanua Levu. Ferries in this part of the world are questionable modes of transportation at best but this one turned out OK. We took one look at economy class when we got on and immediately upgraded to first class for about $5 USD more. Economy does not have near enough seats for everyone. People were sitting on deck. On the other hand first class had a TV, air conditioning, and seats for everyone. The seats came from first class seating of a decommissioned airplane. The seats in economy class were from a plane as well but they were from economy class.’

Savusavu is the second largest town on Vanua Levu, a yachties town as well as for the old copra planter families and villagers. There’s about six thousand people living there. Savusavu is famous for its hot springs right on the shore. There’s a claim that. Savusavu's hot springs could generate enough electricity to power the entire island of Vanua Levu! Eat your heart out applicants for Vorovoro Island adventures!

Savusavu was originally a trading post for sandalwood, beche-de-mer and copra. Today it’s tourism and land sales it seems with plenty of diving and yachting facilities. The old Copra Shed Marina has been renovated recently and now houses the Savusavu Yacht Club, a bakery, a café, Fiji Air offices, Sea Fiji Travel, a sports shop specializing in diving equipment, two other shops, a geologist's office, and two rental apartments. There are also moorings for yachts, along with shower and toilet facilities.

Don’t forget the Planter’s Club. Founded by the early coconut plantation owners and their families, I doubt if it is the place for backpackers. There are some lovely tourist resorts along the coast from Savusavu and of course the Hot Springs hotel as well.

Here’s the hype about the Adi Savusavu. Last time I went by ferry it was about $65 from Suva – including the bus to Labasa. First class.

“Your Link to the Friendly North”

Featuring state of the art navigation equipment, spacious sundeck, VIP cabin, air-conditioned lounges (first class and economy class), fully licensed bar and cafeteria, plenty of space for trucks and cars, plus a full complement of 30 professional crew to help make your voyage safe as well as enjoyable. Special charters, as well as special group rates, are available on request.
Beachcomber Roro Shipping
36 Freeston Rd. PO Box 5489 Raiwaqa, Walu Bay, Suva
Ph: 330-7349 or 330-2438 Fax: 330-7359
Email: adisavusavu@connect.com.fj Website: www.beachcomberfiji.com


Pandabonium said...

K and I stayed in a hotel just outside Savusavu for one night. Since I did the booking it was a low cost adventure - yet walking distance to our business in town - and the condition of the plumbing was, well, interesting. No matter, the food was fantastic and at dinner a couple of guys with guitars and wonderful voices made everyone happy to be there.

Never been on the Adi Savusavu, but imagine I will be on a regular basis in the future. Thanks for the info. Ferry travel isn't very safe in my opinion, so it makes me nervous every time I have to take one. Yet I can't always afford to fly.

Would love to have my own plane on Taveuni, but have doubts about the cost in Fiji, not to mention the bureaucratic resistance. State of Hawaii was bad enough on the latter score. (Yet, the four of us could go to Honolulu and back for about the cost of a round trip ticket for ONE on the airlines even factoring in hangar rent, insurance and the lot.)

Perhaps after I've built the house I'll have a word with some of the pilots in Nadi and see what the realities are.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

There is some argument going on in Fiji about competition within Fiji. The current flight schedules are often mucked up and people have to wait and wait at Nausori or Labasa airports. The fare is very expensive - I think about $170 one way!

I know Peceli wants positive stories about Labasa but there are other stories as well.

Peceli actually ought to be in Savusavu this evening after a ferry journey. With our eldest son, his wife and our two grandsons! Going to a birthday party in Labasa for Friday and here I am here in the freezing 9 degrees of Geelong!

I'll try and find some old diary stories of our trips on the Adi Savusavu. One was interesting as I remember having breakfast with one of the Speight coup guys - (a few months before the Coup).

Anonymous said...



Contact: royale.wd@gmail.com
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Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Thanks for the information about the Royale. Is that the restaurant upstairs on top of a supermarket near the main vegetable market in Labasa town. We had a delicious meal there. But also we enjoy food at many of the cafes in Labasa.

Anonymous said...

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