Sunday, May 07, 2006

Votes are being counted? Not.....yet.....

We rang up our son in Suva late Saturday night and asked if there was a trend in the votes being counted. 'Oh Mum! I haven't even voted yet! It's all happening over a week, and then they start counting.' 'What? It's all over in a few hours over here!
Ah... Fiji.
Meanwhile taki!

The pics of Mahend and Lai were taken earlier of course beside a yellow bucket of kava - certainly not taken in a formal situation with a real tanoa, one at a time! Pics from Yellow Bucket, Fiji Village.


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laminar_flow said...

Cost of Australian political consultants...$FXXXX, TV/Newspaper ads in Fiji...$FXXX, Party websites etc...$Fxxxx, Cost of election campaign: travel, cigarettes, food...$Fxxxx.

Cost of Unity over a bowl of Yaqona?...Priceless!