Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Breakfast with Qarase and Chaudhry

From Peceli and Wendy

We woke up at 6 am and for two hours we listened to the Fiji Village audio of questions given to Mr Qarase and Mr Chaudhry, on Radio Fiji FM. Our old computer couldn't get audio so it has been great lately to listen to voices from Fiji.

It was an interesting experience as we drank our coffee and ate our vegemite toast near the computer in our house in Geelong. We are distant from Fiji but certainly it sounded like they were actually in our room.

Both speakers were polite and careful in their responses to questions about issues large and small, some sensitive, some ordinary. ‘What do you think of Alta and Nalta?’ that sort of tricky question and both answered well. It was like a game of cricket, fielding the ball, trying to catch it, missing sometimes. And if they were batting, well I think it was an LBW when Chaudhry lost his cool when asked about money going into his personal account re house renovations. An old story, but a sore one.

Our score is 4 points for Qarase, 3 points for Chaudhry, and 5 points for the moderator of the discussion, Vijay.

Some critical issues were about land, the role of the army, and race, as usual. The danger point is that they both seem to emphasise the economy and really there are more things to life than money-making, though of course we don’t want a poor economy in Fiji. Appropriate development, that’s what Fiji needs.

We are pleased that people are asking questions, men and women, and are vocal and coming out strongly in their questions. A few years ago, it was customary to be silent and very polite towards leaders.

May the best men and women be elected, and of course it is up to the voters next week.


laminar_flow said...

Hey Wendy.

I have linked Fiji T.V debates talkshow in S.I.F.M.

Check out Leaders debate in the video roll.
I have taken the liberty to title the Fiji T.V video links.
Who appears and what seat they're contesting during the 2006 elections(which start this Sat).


peceliandwendy said...

Thanks Laminar for the link. We haven't had time to view the video yet, too many committments here. It will be a tight race, perhaps closer than Fijivillage anticipate.

Pandabonium said...

I wish all the people of Fiji well and hope they find dedicated honest people to serve them.

To this outsider, it would be nice to see some new faces at the top in Fiji politics. Any up and coming visionaries?

In the US we've had rigged elections at the national level and some of the people in the present bunch go as far back as the Nixon administration. Things may be reaching a tipping point however.