Monday, May 15, 2006

Fiji Election results in the North

from Peceli
It's about 4 p.m. Australian time and so far the votes in the Fiji election are about half-way. Anyone interested will be looking up on-going results in Fijilive, Fijivillage, FijiTV or Fiji Times. The results so far have been predictable in the communal seats.

I am putting some of the seats relevant to Labasa and the North here.

Macuata Fijian Communal Seat # 5Winner Seat Number 5

SDL = Isireli Lewaniqila = 7075
NFP = Wasasala Samuela = 215
Indpt = Savenaca Lario Damudamu = 103
FLP = Samuela Nakete = 459
Indpt = Erami Biaunisala = 295

Bua/Macuata West Open Seat # 67

Winner Seat Number 67
SDL = Josefa Dimuri = 8307
NFP = Josefa Rusaqoli = 565
Indpt =Suiliasi Saraqia = 528
FLP = Lemeki Qalibua = 4618
NAP = Josefa Cavu = 939
NAP = Hazrat Ali = 48
NAP = Vitori Cavalevu = 30
Indpt = Tuvuki Isireli B = 235

Labasa Rural Indian Communal Seat#44

Winner for Seat Number 44
Labasa Rural Indian Communal Seat#44
FLP = Mohammed Tahir = 5279
NAP = Satya Deo =139
NFP = Mohammed Rafiq = 930

North Eastern General Communal Seat # 25

Winner Seat Number 25
Indpt = Irwin Robin = 2014
SDL = David Christopher = 1639
UPP = Harry Arthur Robinson = 941

North East Fijian Urban Communal
Registered Voters 14560
Total Votes Cast 13654
Invalid Votes 906
Nanise Vunisere Kasami Nagusuca SDL 11545
Manasa Tugia IND 353
Sainiana Rokovucago FLP 1357
Saimoni Raikuna NAP 338
Bogivitu Lotawa IND 61


Nagusuca wins North East for SDL
May 17, 2006, 02:15 AM

Sitting member Nanise Nagusuca of SDL has won the North East Fijian Urban Communal on the first count, with 11545 votes. Other included the FLP's Sainiana Rokovucago with 1357 votes, former deputy speaker of the House of Representatives Manasa Tugia (Independent) with 353 votes, NAPF's Saimoni Raikuna with 338 votes and Independent Bogivitu Lotawa with 61 votes. There were 13654 valid votes cast and 906 invalid votes.

from Wendy
And as expected, Posece Bune won the Labasa Open seat for the Labour Party.

The results show that very few people are interested in the New Alliance or even Federation Party and just block-voted. It's about 7.30 p.m. Australian time and it looks like SDL will win at this stage, but it still could be close. It depends upon the Open seats now.

The Suva seat - Samabula/Tamavua Open where Peni Baba is standing for SDL is interesting and has not yet been won in the first round so goes to preferences.

updated Wednesday afternoon

Well it's all over bar the shouting and it has been so predictable, though I would have thought a few moderates would have got in.

Samabula/Tamavua went to the wire with a young Labour lass winning, so good luck to her. Peni Baba might be given a Senate seat now. There are not many women elected and I think ethnicity has been so much in the forefront that another kind of categorisation - men and women - has been neglected.

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