Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna Day

Every year in Fiji there is a special holiday to remember the great Fijian statesman Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna. There is a high school named after him, and also a park in Suva city area. He was the designer of the complex land leasing organisation, the Native Land Trust Board which was set up in the 1940s after extensive visits by Ratu Sukuna and his team throughout the whole of Fiji.

The following notes are adapted from the NLTB website:
In 1933, Ratu Sukuna told the Council of Chiefs: "We regard the Indian desire for more permanent tenancy as a natural and legitimate consequence of an agricultural community settling in any country. But how was this desire to be reconciled with the need to protect the interests of present and future Fijian landowners?"

The Native Land Trust Board scheme emerged as an answer – one that imaginative and practical as well as being, as Ratu Sukuna was later to say, unique in the history of British Crown colony government. But its uniqueness was a problem. The idea of asking landowners to surrender forever the control of their land and to entrust its administration, in the national as well as the owners’ interest, to a central body – even of the highest standing, as was proposed – was so novel and it took some understanding and explanation before being accepted.

Ratu Sukuna took upon himself the formidable task of making that explanation to every mataqali in Fiji and seeking their acceptance. The way he did it is a model in political and social persuasion. He did not rely on printed pamphlets or newspaper advertisements or radio broadcasts [which were pretty scanty in those days anyhow].
He visited village after village and attended districts and provincial councils one after the other, unhurriedly but carefully and patiently explaining the details and purpose of the scheme.

Then came the moment of decision by the Bose Levu Vakaturaga (Great Council of Chiefs) and after long and earnest discussion the scheme was accepted and approved.

The decision of the chiefs had to be translated into law and in a speech during the Legislative Council debate on the Native Land Trust bill, Ratu Sukuna said: "When passed the legislation will be a monument of trust in British rule, of confidence in its honesty, and of hopes for the future – hopes that the seeds of disruption will disappear and the Europeans, Indians and Fijians will settle down to labour and if need be sacrificing if need be community interests for the benefit of the whole."

The Board would collect and distribute rent on behalf of the landowner. Ratu Sukuna and his assistants had only just started the massive job of defining reserves when World War II spread to the Pacific creating more urgent needs. For many months, Ratu Sukuna gave most of his time recruiting Fijian men for the armed forces and a Labour Corp and it was not until the end of the war that he was able to continue with the work of demarcating land reserves.

Once again, he travelled throughout Fiji – wherever possible by road vehicle or ship but more often walking over hills tracking from village to village. Towards the end of his work, he discovered in himself another talent, and he began to illustrate his reports with sketches of geographical features and drawings of landscapes to amplify his findings and decisions.

Travel is easier now but it is doubtful if anyone will ever match the detailed first-hand knowledge of Fiji and its people that Ratu Sukuna gained, first in the years as a Native Lands Commissioner than as he accumulated and recorded the facts and made the decisions which are the foundation of the unique system of land administration which he helped in a great measure to create for his fellow Fijians.

The pictures are of Ratu Sukuna, receiving a tabua, and his residence in Lau. He died on May 30th 1958.


laminar_flow said...

Ratu Sukuna is man of many faces and vices. Although he is the iconic "father of modern Fiji",
I have to reconcile many truths to that persona.

My grandmother told stories of his frequent visits to the location of Fiji's ancestral Gods in Ra province called
Nakauvadra. A mountain range that makes up Fiji's great dividing range.

Ratu Sukuna was educated in Oxford University, England. He was also a Freemason. Other Fijian chies have also
attended the reknown institute however, one must enquire the connnections between Oxford and Freemasonry which
go back in time.

In fact Freemason Fiji chapter was launched by Bau chief Ratu Cakobau in 1871 and the Fiji chapter is under the Scottish Grand Royal Chapter.

Here are other notable Fii chiefs who are part of this new order. Including Laiseni Qarase, current Fiji P.M.
Clearly this new world order also drove the events of the 1987 and 2000 coup under the guise of indigenous rights.

29 July 2000

FIJI: the new order
by Ross Nepia Himona

Finally, and in their own time, the military has rounded up the leaders of the revolution, including the military people who defected. And a new government has been installed.

Laisenia Qarase, the new Prime Minister, is a conservative banker, reported to be a Freemason, connected to high-ranking Freemason, Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara, the former president. Qarase, as Prime Minister of an interim three year government, is also likely to have only an interim career at the centre of political power.

The Deputy PM is Brigadier General (retired) Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, who is also quite conservative, and a son-in-law of Ratu Mara. He is a high chief in his own right, descended from the great Ratu Seru Cakobau who ceded Fiji to Britain. His late father, Ratu Edward Cakobau, was a much loved former commander of the Fijian Battalion, and a former Deputy PM.

Ratu Epeli served on active service on secondment to 1st Bn RNZIR in Borneo in 1966, during Konfrontasi, the Indonesian attempt to divert attention from its own internal conflicts by destabilising the new federation of Malaysia. Ratu Epeli rose to command the Royal Fijian Military Forces, and was displaced by Lieutenant Colonel Sitiveni Rabuka in 1987. He then served for a long time as High Commissioner to the UK, and later as Permanent Secretary for Foreign Affairs. In 1998 Rabuka appointed him roving ambassador to the whole of the Pacific, where his (and his wife's) chiefly kinship ties to many of the leading families of other Pacific nations were invaluable. When Chaudhry came to power he was dismissed.

Ratu Epeli Nailatikau's younger brother Ratu Tuakitau Cokanauto is also in the cabinet, and is an important figure as well in the new order.

Ratu Epeli Nailatikau was himself a member of the Military Council that ruled in the weeks after martial law was declared, as was Brigadier General (retired) Ratu Epeli Ganilau.

Ganilau is another son-in-law of Ratu Mara, a former commander of the FMF, and the son of former Deputy PM, and former Governor General, the late Ratu Sir Penaia Ganilau. We will hear more of him in the future.

What we are seeing at the moment in Fiji is a re-assertion of chiefly control of political power, with the military and political elites working closely together.

Ratu Epeli Nailatikau is moving to assert his chiefly authority over the many chiefs of the Bau Confederacy, and has called a gathering of all those chiefs to elect and install a new Vunivalu, or paramount chief. The position has been vacant for some years since the death of his uncle, Ratu Sir George Cakobau, another previous Governor General.

If Ratu Epeli Nailatikau is elevated to that high status, then he will become the centre of political power in Fiji for many years to come, and a stabilising influence. There are however four other eligible male candidates for Vunivalu, including Ratu Epeli's younger brother, Ratu Tauakitau, and whoever is chosen will become that powerful stabilising influence.

Notwithstanding that, the whole Qarase government is committed to the paramountcy of indigenous Fijians in their own country, but mindful of their need to treat fairly with the Indo-Fijians. Their immediate tasks however are to remove the causes of Fijian revolutionary fervour, to promote national reconciliation, and to start the economic recovery.

Major General (retired) Sitiveni Rabuka will likely remain a key figure for some years to come, both as the present chairman of the Great Council of Chiefs, and in other roles in the future.

We should also watch the career of Lieutenant Colonel Phillip Tarakinikini. He is a graduate of the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst, and of the British Staff College at Camberley. He served as a junior officer in the Meridian Squadron. Ironically he was trained by coup leader Ilisoni Ligairi, and was named by George Speight as the new Commander of the Military. Tarakinikini also served as commander of the Fijian battalion in the Lebanon, and as a UN military observer during the Russian withrawal from Afghanistan.

He has as much experience, and is as capable as any officer of similar rank in any army. He is also highly intelligent. Although not of chiefly status himself, he is highly respected by his chiefs and people, who often seek his advice.

There is a new national leadership being prepared in Fiji, and these will be some of the key players who will fill the political vacuum left by the generation represented by Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara, the late Ratu Sir Penaia Ganilau, and the late Ratu Sir George Cakobau.


Another important factor is that, Oxford educates many potential leaders of many countries to be used
for the agendas of a secretive group which call the shots in geo-politics.
Quen Elizabeth 2 inaugural visit to Fiji in 1954 did prove to be a symbiotic relationship between the chiefs and the Monarchy.

When the Royal Launch approached the seawall of Suva harbour, the sea was unusually rough and bystanders noticed the wake of a large sea creature.
Ratu Sukuna recognized this omen and ordered the creature away from the shore.

Here the image 1 and Image 2
background clearly shows the large wake behind the Royal launch.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Jeepers! I didn't expect such a response and a reference to Freemasons! A group which apparently some people really do not like!

I never met Ratu Sukuna - before my time, but he was a friend of Peceli's father in Labasa. And Peceli's father certainly wasn't a freemason!

Okay, there is substance in the proposition that there are chiefs and people of status who want to keep their positions intact and this is evident in the way people from the west-Ra, Ba, Nadi used toa be ignored.

So, your gran is from Ra? Good. We spent three years near Rakiraki village - very good place to live.

Andrew said...

It's amazing that whenever the word freemasonry comes up, those who are screaming bloody murder, can identify/accuse (with religious fervor) people associated with freemasonry, but can never clearly define what freemasonry is... or even prove the extent of it's influence...
Take note of this fact... All these Fijian leaders who were freemasons... Ratu Sukuna... Ratu Mara... Qarase... Rabuka... They had already established themselves as leaders and great men, before they even became freemasons... so you can't say that freemasonry had anything to do with their being successful... The question one would have to ask is... why freemasonry...?? What was it about the fraternity that attracted them to want to join...?? Learn to ask the right questions... and don't make illogical assumptions everytime someone mentions the word- freemasonry

Anonymous said...

Thank you Andrew for your support and I agree with you,people must be educated !! We Fijians think that we are always right and this generation seems to think a little University education puts them above the rest,well guys you have another thing coming,especially when you decide to venture out of your comfort zone into another world " The World of deeds and reality !!

I live,work,eat,sleep laugh and cry with some of the members of the Freemasons and have done for the most part of my life,they are the most loving,caring,honest and sincere human beings I've come to love and care for since I left my village in Fiji almost 40years ago.

People should study the history of Free Masons instead of assuming things.Ask a mason if you know one ? Attend a Lodge meeting and ask for membership, they will go out of their way to help you !!This are the days of information and all available to you !!

Some of the most famous Masons were George Washington,James Monroe,Andrew Jackson,James K Polk,James Buchanan,Andrew Johnson,James A Garfield,William McKinley,Theodore Roosevelt,William H Taft,Warren G Harding,Franklin D Roosevelt,Harry S Truman,Lyndon B Johnson,Gerald R Ford to mention a few !!What they all had in common is the Presidency of the United States !!and not to forget the Biblical family linage and Patron Saint John the Baptist and the first founding father Abraham !!

Respect is important and God loves us all the same,the earth produces very different colored flowers,just like humans !! the greater power see's it perfect !!He is the Father,the Creator,the Master Builder !!

Good luck in your study and God Bless You All..

Anonymous said...

Freemason are the people satan use to do his work come on people the can be nice and genourous but its all decieving that what the devil is your people know your bible all this free masons have secret symbol and hand signs the all seeing eye which is the same eye back in egypian era the goddest isi the all seeing eye a pagan ritual or worship use also in babylonian time this mason are worshipers of satan whom the worl would be decieved by the main leader of the freemason is satan himself it says in book of revelation the dragon would decieve many an the world would drink from its wine an be drunk

Anonymous said...

My question is to you,have you ever being invited to a meeting at a Lodge? or have you been initiated into freemasonary?

If you haven't " how do you know that freemasonary is evil ? prove it my friend !!

Have you spoken God in person? prove it to me? and the whole world.Tell me or show me evidence that God talked to you personally and told you that freemasonary represent the devil ?

Has freemasonary ever hurt you in anyway?or your family members,or your Country? and prove it to me !!

There have been many books written nagatively about freemasonary by many people who could not back up their statement's in the Court's of law and what makes you think you're an expert ? please explain ?

Please keep this in mind,Freemasonary is what you are doing right know " Freedom of speach " the right's to be heard and respected in what you say !!

It stands for the Fatherhood of God...The brotherhood of man " Liberty and Equality "..Isn't that worth fighting for ?

Lots of Fijian national have left Fiji for a better life to the other parts of the world and they have found refuge.They found work,buy a home,drive a car and saved their hard earned dollars to give their family a chance to have a better chance in life and practice the religion of their choice..

Our forefathers like Ratu Sukuna,Ratu Sir Edward and Ratu Sir George Cakobau layed down their lives for the citizens of Fiji so that they might be free to traverse the Universe and live in peace,this is freemasonary.These were God fearing men.

So tell me my friend are you getting your door kicked in every day and night by Tom,Dick or Harry?

I thought so !!

I can see that the only evil or devil worshipper here is you !!

My advise to you is be contented,Democracy is Freemasonary..
Jesus and John the Baptist lived to die for the same reason..This is your wake up call..

Bless be to God

Anonymous said...

jst deceiving like satan\

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha hey you've already lost the debate !! don't give up so easily my friend...

So you are calling Jesus the deciever ?

Wow that's a big statement !!!

Anonymous said...

To Laminar flow,

Is your grandmother alive ? I hope she is !! because she is telling the truth.My grandfather was Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna's bete (priest).He was always with Ratu Sukuna and yes they frequently visited Nakauvadra.They served together during the war,they both recieved beatings at Bau looking for people to join the Army...and on top of that during their young years stole a chiken from their Ratu and got caught and ran away before their Ratu grabbed them.Later years on their return to Bau and got flogged by their Ratu I use to wonder what the flogging was for hahaha !! Maybe for the Chicken hahaha !!b verevakabau...ha ha ha

My grandfather told me lots of unwritten story about his mate Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna and Nakauvadra.I know the only stories he ever told Fiji was about the war.My grandfather's voice still echoes on Sukuna Day on Radio Fiji.If your grandmother is still around please convey my best regards and keep telling those stories,its part of our culture,tradition and once was our national pride.

I'm not happy about people having bad attitude towards freemasonary,when they know nothing about it !!

But today the whole world needs democracy!!that is freemasonary !! it stands for " Liberty " Equality " and "Fraternity.Freemasonary are the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man.

Morality and virtue are the essential of true manhood,and,civil and religious liberty must be paramount.The institution is,therefore,deicated,under God,to the common good of mankind-common service,common freedoms.It's policy is "Not to be Ministered to ""but to minister !!

I have heard Fijians who is trying to get visas to Australia saying this that Freemasonary is devil worshipping !! I say to them if it is what the hell are they doing here ?

Other nationality come by boat's to Australia in search of Freedom,this is freemasonary..

Anonymous said...

Dear masons,,,
I would like to prove to all of you that freemasonry is devil worshiping. Ratu Sukuna was a 33rd degree in freemasonry which is the highest degree in masonic hierarchy. Freemasons are the devils puppet sent by him to deceive us all. My friend, if you have been invited freemason meeting or lodge, please open your eyes because you have just begun your journey as a first degree. If you know about freemasonry, first degree represents a blind a person who has been deceived by those in the higher degrees. Since you are a freshman in this so called fraternity, you wont know who you are worshiping. AND YOU MY FRIEND I THINK YOU ARE THE ONE THATS IN TROUBLE SO PLEASE WAKE UP CAUSE I HAVE BEEN THERE.

MAY GOD OPEN YOUR EYES SO THAT YOU SEE THE TRUTH. AND BY THE WAY, AS YOU QUOTED "FREEMASONRY IS THE FATHERHOOD OF GOD AND BROTHERHOOD FOR MEN" ARE YOU SERIOUS????????.HAHAHAHAHA....I bet the God that you are serving is Baphomet and for your information that is another secret name for Lucifer which only the higher ranks please ask your friends which you sleep, cry, eat with or what ever you do together to stop lying to you... May God(Jehovah) bless you.

Anonymous said...

My pity goes to you,my friend,but I forgive you for your ignorance.I know that you have never been a mason and it's people like you who have given Christianity a bad name.

I have seen and read your articles against freemasonry and thought to myself that you must be the most unhappiest person living in the world today and I do understand that married to a Fijian lady isn't easy place to be and it dawn on me that you by critizising others makes you feel good !!

My brother,my friend is a Pastor in the Church,he is a man of God and although I'm not a Pastor my faith is with Jesus Christ !!One cannot join freemasonry as an Atheist!!

My advice to you to be a good Christain,serve our God and fear His Commandments because what I've seen and read so far from your articles that you are not a good person.Oh' sorry did you just broke one of God's Commandment?

You seem lost,please let me help you find your way back home to Our Creator,Our Father Jehovah.

Anonymous said...

There are two things which cannot be attacked in front: ignorance and narrow-mindedness. They can only be shaken by the simple development of the contrary qualities. They will not bear discussion.

api bosoka said...

God bless u all children...of the

joe said...

Im sorry my friend but you are being deceived by the father of lies which is licifer 'the light bearer'... As for lesser degree freemasons you will be rid of the resl truth behind the scenes... for example the freemasonry symbol where the compass is present and the G is in the centre.. Freemasons who are not 31 degrees and over will not know the true meaning ...the symbol is of the pagan goddess isis and her male counterpart osiris fornicating... The g in the middle stands for generative principle where in which sex rituals is taking place...freemasons from first to thirtieth degrees will not have any clues of this because it is hidden...Also one of the freemasons that this world has ever seen albert pike wrote a well known book to freemasons called morals and dogma in which he states that lucifer the light bearer is their god...Our saviour Jesus Christ is hurting each and every day for our stupidness in being deceived by satan, so please open your eyes..Satan is deceiving the whole world bh manipulating good peolple, human beings jusy like u and i and deceiving them and making them go a stray..and how else can freemasons have their say in this world without electing famous people into their work, if not how can satan deceive everyone? Well i hope u open your eyes but if not u know the price, eternal suffering in hell...may our christ and savour Jesus Christ be with all of you who are being blinded by the father of lies satan ...

joe said...


joe said...

Of course you are right freemason had not got them to where they are but once they are famous it takes a hold of them and devours that they could inspire generations by deceiving them...satan manipulates humans very well soo how else is satan gonna deceive millions and billions of people? By recruiting tramps off the streets? No! He works his way ip the food chain and first deceives people with authuority so they can use their status to deceive the rest of the world...may jesus christ our true god bless you and open your eyes from believing freemasonry is of christ himself becos it is not..its purely satan blaspheming christ and the father...

joe said...

Of course you are right freemason had not got them to where they are but once they are famous it takes a hold of them and devours that they could inspire generations by deceiving them...satan manipulates humans very well soo how else is satan gonna deceive millions and billions of people? By recruiting tramps off the streets? No! He works his way ip the food chain and first deceives people with authuority so they can use their status to deceive the rest of the world...may jesus christ our true god bless you and open your eyes from believing freemasonry is of christ himself becos it is not..its purely satan blaspheming christ and the father...

Reznov Nata said...

What the heck is going in here.
How did Freemason get to this topic
I'm confused?
Ross Nepia Himona is not even a Fijian citizen nor does he have any relation to Fiji this is someone that is trying to tarnish my countries history and how events has shaped its future.
This guy is a total joke he has never heard been to Fiji.
People will tell lies just to get fame we have to be careful about people like him that tell lies nor does he not know the history of my country he also does not traditions and customs of Fiji.
People in Fiji would defend his name from culprits like Ross Nepia Himona.