Monday, February 13, 2006

Historical photos of Fiji

I accidentally came across (and that's the beauty of Googling) a website that includes historical photos of Fiji. Jane's pics.
Go to her numerous photos which are mainly very old postcards or drawings going back over a hundred years even. What is the protocol for publishing some-one else's pics? Acknowledge the source? Is that enough?

Anyway here is one from Jane's pics that is not very old - though most visitors to Fiji would not see a village with traditional thatched bures these days.

Jane's web-site is a welcome change from the hundreds of tourist-orientated sites which write about traditional Fijian bures for tourist accommodation but they are rather different from 'real' bures.


rose said...

as per photo protocols, you may want to ask (a quick e-mail) first. they probably won't mind and would just like an acnolegment. you want to make sure that you (or blogger/blogspot) is hosting the photo (which you're doing) displaying a photo on your website, which is actually being hosted on somebody elses site is generally considered a web no-no. when in doubt it's usually better to direct a person to the place where the content is found (links) rather than to reproduce the same content on your own site. or something like a couple of lines or a quote and then a link to "read more" on the origional. this is all meant as only helpful advise as you seemed to be asking. I only know these guidelines from tons of reading and having to be hyper aware of "digital rights management" as part of my profession. the truth of the matter is nobody really knows anything for sure these days and I like to err on the side of caution and would rather say "pretty please" than "I'm sorry"

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hi Rose,
from Wendy
Thanks for your reply to my query. I know a bit about plagiarism and when I cut and paste text I always try to acknowledge it, but pics that have been around a while - I'm not sure about. Jane's site is fascinating with so many old pics going back to even about 1880, and of course the originals probably do not belong to her - she has taken them from somewhere also! I would like to use 'links' but I do not know how to! That's something I must find out soon.