Saturday, February 25, 2006

Eastern Beach Geelong

Yesterday after participating in the march and singing at Pako Festa our Fiji group adjourned to the Eastern Beach Geelong for a barbecue. We ate cassava, tinned corned mutton, chops and Maori bread amongst other things.

Geelong is a city of 600,000 people beside Corio Bay so in summer thousands of us go to the beach, whether the ocean beaches such as Bells, Torquay, or our local city beach. Free electric barbecues for our use. A swim for the children. And yachts in the bay. Touted as a tourist spot with a fine esplanade, rows of trees that look like iri masei palm trees, our Waterfront and Eastern Beach is there free for us in Geelong so we take it for granted I suppose. For nine years we lived within walking distance of the swimming enclosures here and could walk along the beach early morning. We now live about 3 k away from Eastern Beach but close to the salt factory and salt flats. If the sea rises we will be under!

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