Monday, February 20, 2006

Doing a search for 'Labasa'

From Wendy

There may be a few thousands sites when doing a search for 'Labasa' but but when I googled for 'Labasa' (the primary focus of this blog site which we call Babasiga which means the dry land of the Friendly North of Fiji), I found that the tourist resort of Nukubati gets all the priority spots! Many times over and over. Most of the material is just tourism! Nukubati is an excellent resort but quite a distance west of Labasa town.

One of the tourism sites had this text- 'Things to do' and when I clicked on it, the answer was 'There is none' Sobosobo! Nothing to do for tourists in Labasa? Not correct. As Peceli wrote in the last two posts, there are two places to visit of interest, the Snake God Stone at Matailabasa and the Wasavulu historical site. And the beach on Vorovoro island is lovely! We will write later about the hot springs at Nakama and Tabia. Tourism is undeveloped in Labasa, that's for sure, but the potential is there and backpackers and other visitors DO find their way to Labasa often.

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Pandabonium said...

You have your work cut out for you. Blog ambassadors for Labasa. I look forward to those future posts.