Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Athletics at the MCG

From Peceli

Normally the MCG is a venue for international cricket or Aussie Rules Football. The biggest sports complex in the southern hemisphere and it holds more than 120,000 people and is a real land mark in Victoria. This time there will be no cricket nor football! There will be athletics at the MCG, the Melbourne Cricket Ground. We are counting down for the Commonwealth Games of course and the athletics track will have its first try out next Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the Victorian Championships, prior to the Commonwealth Games athletics events at this venue. This is a try-out of the venue for the times, movement of athletes, and results.

A member of our family is a javelin thrower so he will be there on Saturday for the prelims and Sunday for the finals in his event. Usually the medal winners at this level throw 60s and 70s but this time 38 young guys have entered to compete there this year. Usually there are only about ten.

Andrew Tavusa wants to have a last throw this year at the MCG then hang up his jav boot then go to Fiji to set up his farm in Labasa. He is a thrower is in the Deakin Athletics Club and has won numerous medals over the years including State Title. He has also represented Fiji in Tahiti, Tonga, Guam, American Samoa in the Fiji Squad. So there is no kava drinking this week, just fitness training. His best throws were some time ago around the 70 metres mark, so we will see what happens this time!

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Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Now we've got the list of participating athletics we discover that there are several guys who are in the Commonwealth Games - top guys from Oz, some from Britain even. They are testing out the 'G' so the throws will be huge!