Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Fiji Blogs

When Fiji Blogs come to Town to drink Fiji grog
Says 'Bula Fiji' in the Kava Saloon, the tanoa is full.
Fiji Blogs say 'Bula' to the chief 'Stuck in Mud.'
Who replies 'Taki mada!'
The kava is flowing with 'Really' as he nets the fish,
Babasiga is requesting permission to join the Fiji Blogs Club.

We're not listed on any Fiji blogs so who is reading our web-log?

I know there’s a gaggle of Googlers out there, millions of them, so what do they read?

There’s some Fiji blogs I read – Really, Bulafiji, sometimes Stuck in Mud though he does get his political knickers in a knot at times. You can find these links here.

Now we two bloggers at Babasiga do go on a bit about the northern part of Fiji, obsessively, but that’s in the fine print for us – not to save the whole world.

Act local,
think global,
thanks to Google.

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