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Fiji's top schools academically

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The top five schools in Fiji have been listed - according to their Year 12 results. Story from the Fiji Times. However that doesn't mean other schools are not achieving well as there are many factors involved to make a school excellent. Labasa College is in fourth place in this listing which is to be expected of course!

Top five in Fiji

Nasik Swami
Saturday, May 02, 2015
FOUR schools from the Central/Eastern Division and one from Labasa have been identified as the top five best performing schools in Fiji.
Tailevu all boys school Queen Victoria School topped the academic listing with a 96.9 per cent pass rate in the Year 12 external examination last year.
Suva's Jai Narayan College came in second with 92.1 per cent.
In third place is all girls school Saint Joseph's Secondary (88.5 per cent), followed by Labasa College (87.0 per cent) in fourth place and Adi Cakobau School (81.5 per cent) in fifth place.
The data submitted to The Fiji Times by the Education Ministry yesterday reflected on the top 20 schools at Year 12 level.
These are the top schools throughout the country as far as the percentage pass rate is concerned.
Among the 20 schools were Yasayasa Moala College (66.7 per cent) and Cicia High School (75 per cent) in the Lau group, and Taveuni's Niusawa Methodist High School (68.0 per cent).
Fiji has 166 secondary schools.

And from the Year 13 results (not all schools offer teaching at this level of course)

Ministry reveals statistics

Nasik Swami
Saturday, May 02, 2015
SUVA'S Jai Narayan College has topped the list of Fiji's 20 best performing schools as far as the Year 13 external examination results are concerned.
Jai Narayan which produced the highest mark last year attained a percentage pass rate of 89.7 per cent.
Nadroga Arya College is second on the list with 77.1 per cent followed by Suva's Saint Joseph's Secondary School (77 per cent), Adi Cakobau School (76.5 per cent) and Rishikul Sanatan College (76 per cent).
According to data provided by the Education Ministry, Ba's Xavier College (75.8 per cent) was sixth followed by Lautoka Muslim College (73.5 per cent), Mahatma Gandhi Memorial High School (72 per cent), Sangam (SKM) College Nadi (71.5 per cent), Yat Sen Secondary School (71 per cent) and Suva Muslim College (70.6 per cent) respectively.
Nawai Secondary School was on 12th place with 70 per cent followed by Marist Brothers High School (67.5 per cent), Yasayasa Moala College (66.7), Saraswati College (65.6), Korovuto College (65.4 per cent), Kamil Muslim College (64.4 per cent), Rakiraki Public High School (63.6 per cent), Cicia High School in Lau (61.5 per cent) and Valebasoga Secondary School in Labasa (61.5 per cent).
The percentage pass rate does not necessarily only determine the best school.
"There are different ways of interpreting the data in terms of identifying the top schools. For instance the schools that are producing quality pass rate in contrast to quantity," the ministry said.
It said the differences in the levels of academic performances among various schools were not because os any innate differences in the ability of students.
"Rather they are the outcomes of other variables that are not always easy to identify. These variables might have a direct or indirect impact on how the students perform in school."


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