Monday, May 25, 2015

upgrading in Labasa

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In the media today, something about Labasa doing some upgrading. Very good.

Labasa Town Works On Beautification  Maraia Vula, LABASA 

The Labasa Town Council has called for tenders from interested individuals or companies to carry out major infrastructure works on certain areas of Labasa Town. Labasa Chamber of Commerce president Satish Kumar said they had discussed with the council that the works are necessary to beautify the town. “We met with them and requested if all the back roads and access roads including the footpaths can be repaired,” Mr Kumar said.“We are hopeful that works will begin soon because we are approaching a busy crushing season; the new footpaths will help avoid any accidents.We are also requesting landlords and tenants in the town too clean, wash and paint their buildings so that it looks beautiful especially with a lot of developments happening.” He noted it was great upgrading and painting works on the Labasa Civic Centre was nearing completion.
Tender will close at 5pm on June 12.

- Resealing of the Labasa Market taxi stand area including maintenance of its access roads and drainage;
- upgrading of gravel access road and drainage at Vuniwai subdivision;
- construction of a new multi-purpose court with an open shelter and a perimeter fence at Naodamu Ground;
- construction of a new open shelter with sitting facilities, fence and utility facilities for mixed kava vendors;
- construction of a new concrete footpath along Naseakula Road with driveway provisions; and

- replacement of box gutter and accessories at the Civic Centre building.

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