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More about text books in Fiji

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A letter to the Editor of the Fiji Times  suggests that all children in Fiji schools be given a tablet to be able to have all their textbooks on-line.  Okay if the schools or homes have electricity and internet.  So I just wondered what the e-material is like in Fiji.  I found that the Year 11 English is vast and quite interesting and if a boy or girl does well in it they will be very fluent.  However the Year 9 doesn't go very far so far - only a novel about Indian Indenture in Fiji and 100 pages of notes.  What about creative writing too?
And for Years 12, 13, 14

From Year Nine Education Department Fiji to download – 100 pages on the novel by a Fiji Punjabi writer.
The Morning
The Morning is a novel in English based on the indenture system (girmit) in Fiji. It is written in a powerful yet simple style and in this book he has told us a beautiful story of the triumph of illiterate and poverty-striken people over the oppression of commercial exploitation of Colonial Sugar Refining Company of Australia.


Available tablets
HOW about we introduce tablets to our schools and have every textbook on soft copy.
That way we wont have to buy textbooks. And as we progress have workbooks on them also and when writing essays or homework the child just email their work to the teacher.
It will make schooling fun. But of course we will put restrictions on the tablet.
Kava Pl Lautoka

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