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A resourceful babasiga woman

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The women in Labasa are often quite resourceful and work hard to support their families. Here is one example.

Fishing for the family

Josaia Ralago
Friday, January 16, 2015
ANA Biausavu Niusoria is a well-known woman in Labasa.
A vendor at the Labasa market, Nau Ana, as she is known, sells varieties of goods from mats and wreaths to fish.
She said it was important for women to contribute to the running of the family financially.
Mrs Niusoria said with the earnings she made from her vending business, she was able to cover for her family's expenses like electricity bills, water bills and hire-purchase payments.
Originally from Viwa Island in Yasawa, Mrs Niusoria sells a variety of goods depending on the demand for them.
She said that even though she was a handicraft person by profession, fishing was always her hobby.
The mother of one said the passion to fish stemmed from her childhood days growing up on the island of Viwa.
Unlike others, Nau Ana goes out to sea to catch her own fish. At times, she is accompanied by her daughter and sometimes she goes with other fishermen and women.
The Fiji Times caught up with her as she displayed her catch in an ice box after returning from an overnight fishing trip.
The fresh fish was ready to be taken down to the market to be sold.
She said that her husband was on leave from his work for now and it was her business that was keeping her family going.
Mrs Niusoria also receives orders for mats and tapa from customers on Viti Levu.
"I have a lot of clients and when they call, I send the items through courier and even though it may be a hassle at times, I do it anyway for my family's sake," she said.
"Now I have a daughter who will attend secondary school so my business has helped us very well.
"I believe women can do a lot. We can weave mats, make baskets and even do flower arrangements which contributes to the family income."
Mrs Niusoria encouraged women living in villages to utilise their resources and earn an income from it.
"We just need to know our goals in life and what we want to do for our families and only then can we achieve our dreams including educating our children," she said.

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