Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Some tips for Labasa

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A letter to the Editor of the Fiji Times spells out a few tips to the people of Labasa and a warning for visitors to take care.

Memorable holiday
FOR a memorable holiday in the friendly northern town of Labasa, I wish to offer you a few exciting tips. Please note that we don't have enough parking space so you can look for spaces on nearby cane field (don't forget to pray for its safety). While driving, watch out for kangaroo crossing, that is, when pedestrians suddenly run across the road. If you don't hit them they will hit you.
Do not run when you hear the tooting of horn from cars even when the red light facing them is on.
Locating our temporary bus stand, you need to locate the Westpac Bank first since that is only the point where you can take direction from. As for pollution, yes, you may bring your respirators with you.
The stench from Qawa river will be horrible for a few days only, once you get used to it, then problem solved. Do not waste your time waiting for the 6.30pm bus, you better start walking as the next bus will arrive 6.30 am the next day.
These are some of the excitement and experience of the North that will make your stay a striking one. After all, any home is your home.
A warm new year to all of you.
Usaia Tagi, Labasa

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