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I think they call us kind of people Luddites

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I'm more on the side of keeping a pristine environment or a rural life that is not tainted by massive earthworks, river pollution, tree felling, so I suppose people like this are called Luddites - or machine breakers as they once were. There are arguments for and against mining development in countries such as Fiji and the current situation in Bua, Vanua Levu is that the landowners have received large cheques for the use of their land, but there are still submissions going in to question just how well the environment - social and physical - will be managed. The rather gross photo here is from a govt collection (oops, not got permission here)

One of Fiji's watchers of such things is Noeline in Suva and she had just published an article looking at the dangers of bauxite mining and its impact. Those who want the mine in Bua can argue that the local men (and maybe women) will get jobs, good roads, electricity and development, as well as fat cheques for landowners and qoliqoli owners. However it is also possible that the Chinese company will bring in their own staff and labourers. Also I do have concerns about the need for massive amounts of water for the project and the damage to the land and sea.

Noelene's article can be found easily and google have already picked it up, and many emails are going around from Fiji to friends far and wide.

From the author:
Hello everyone,

I have just written an article on the planned bauxite mining in Fiji. It is
rather difficult to know how many official submissions have been made
directly to the Ministry for Land and Public Resources right now, so this
article is an alternative submission, if you will...

The article can be found at the DAWN website

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