Monday, May 02, 2016

Catholic community celebrate in Labasa

Naleba Church Marks 110 Years

Naleba Church Marks 110 Years
Naleba Red Cross Catholic church in Labasa. PHOTO:PENI DRAUNA
May 02

The Naleba Holy Cross Catholic church in Labasa celebrated its 110-year anniversary with a special mass.
The first mass at the church was conducted by a French priest, Father Favier, at Naleba back in 1906.
Celebration co-ordinator Vincent Sahayam said the event was to look back on the struggles of the Catholic congregation in Naleba.
Mr Sahayam said they had put in a lot of hard work for the church and thanked all those involved in the Sector 11 branch of the Labasa Parish. He also thanked visitors from Suva and those living overseas for their involvement in the celebration.
“The first magazine for Naleba Holy Cross Church was launched with a new hymn book. The congregation praised all pioneers of the church and those who have passed as well,” Mr Sahayam said.
The church was built in 1906.
He was also pleased with the good turnout.
Edited by Naisa Koroi

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