Thursday, January 10, 2013

What is a good title for this picture?

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In today's Fiji Times, and in other local media, pragmatism takes first place, politeness instead of criticism, so that when the two speeches on Fiji TV astounded many people last night, the stories have been written up with discretion. Some of the blogs have been very busy though.  In summary, apart from a lot of mother statements no doubt written by paid consultants, the gist of it is - No to Ghai's draft. Legal eagles will redo it!

Akuila Yabaki however says it clearly when he says that the Constituency Assembly - a hundred people to be appointed - have been tasked to look at Ghai's draft, and so they should let the process go ahead because the appointed men and women can work out where there needs to be adjustments. There's no need at this stage to say no to the draft
A name for the picture; perhaps 'We are not amused.'
'Head or tails? Heads, we do this. Tails we do that.'

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