Friday, January 18, 2013

An Australian beach

from Peceli

Yesterday we went for a drive down the Bellarine Peninsular and stopped at Portarlington and also Clifton Springs.  One time Clifton Springs had mineral baths and people bottled the spring water. Here is a photo taken from the lookout high above the beach and another of the beautiful view below.  Nearby is a golf course and bistro etc. It's not a good swimming beach but very good for a picnic. Most people drive down to the ocean beaches or Portarlington for holidays but it's good also to find the quieter and more hidden spots on the way. Fiji migrants in Australia enjoy picnics and trips to the beach so this is a good place to visit. When I was there yesterday it reminded me of Udu Point in Vanua Levu, from Vuruna settlement when you look towards Udu Point. I was there when I was a teenager and with Vakatawa Viliame.

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