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Does Fiji need a new flag

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Another sudden idea from the regime is to re-design the Fiji flag.  Why? Okay, it is old-fashioned with the Union Jack in the corner, but that is part of Fiji's history. Coconuts, sugar-cane, bananas, a peace dove - okay  - and a good design would make different points.  However it is really not up to an unelected government to make constant changes.  Wait and see.

A letter to the editor puts it quite well.

Letters to the Editor:
A symbol of national unity
WHY is it that there is a persistent notion that our varied peoples who make up our nation of Fiji can be united by superficial means such as an imposed common name or a new flag?
The divisions in our society can only be healed through patient peace-building.
Unfortunately the decree that makes us all "Fijians" has caused much heartache. Many of us who have always respected the Fijians as the people of the vanua, find it difficult to call ourselves Fijian and we know that many ethnic Fijians are unhappy about this.
Now the flag is to be changed in order 'to unite the whole nation'.
The present flag, while it may not be perfect, has over the last 42 years become an internationally known symbol of Fiji and is something that unites us people of Fiji, as can be seen especially when we display it at the time of our national day, and at rugby matches. Not only do we wave it, we wear it, as shirts, as sulu.
The design has its merits. Some may object to the union flag, but this is a symbol of our united history.
The century of colonial rule brought good as well as bad, and it is our history from which we can learn lessons, and to ignore it is folly.
The shield in the fly is from our national coat of arms which was designed over 100 years ago. It displays things that are basic to our life, our agricultural produce, the things we all share and consume.
And the pale blue, a symbol of our ocean that surrounds us, is a distinctive colour for a flag. A quick look at the flags of the world will show that there are few with a pale blue background.
At the time of the closing of the Olympic Games last year, among all the crowds and the many flags, it was easy to pick out the Fiji flag, and those of us watching on TV felt a great surge of pride for our beloved Fiji.
Please do not lightly discard a symbol that already unites us.

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Anonymous said...

When a flag is really great, nobody talks about changing it...
Fiji's flag is the flag of a British colony. One needs to be somewhat blind not to realize it...
Fiji's flag will change, one day or another.