Monday, October 15, 2012

A breadfruit tree in Vunivutu

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A relative was staying in Vunivutu village, Macuata, and was given an excellent spot to sleep under a window so he had a cool breeze coming through window near the nearby breadfruit tree. The moon shone through the rustling leaves and he was settling down to sleep. However, that particular tree was the night roosting place for the village roosters and chooks so they perched up on the branches. That was okay... until they decided to cluck and crow all out of time with night and day. The poor man hardly could sleep a wink. Here are some little pictures of that breadfruit tree.  (By the way Vunivutu village area was the place where one of the series of Survivor was filmed. There were special little houses built with airconditioning, fridges, etc. so I think the Survivor 'actors' didn't really sleep on the beach at all!)

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