Monday, April 09, 2012

This generation

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Some apt advice about taking responsibility, not just criticizing or praising or ignoring , but doing the hard work of helping Fiji at this time though I don't know who Gaby Atama is. A friend on facebook posted this:

"In God's timeline for the universe our generation was chosen to exist in this time. It is our responsibility to shape our world, i don't see a better time as this where we can put in our contribution in the public consultations for the formulation of the new constitution. with the technology available and the network of friends available we have the advantage of influencing our world. whatever little input comes from us makes a big difference, most of us have been brought up in urban and village settings and now settle locally and overseas with wealth of knowledge and life experiences. Isn't this a good basis of projecting for a better Fiji? Let's not miss this opportunity!!! sometimes or regret is not in what we do but in what we did not do." God is counting on us." Gaby Atama

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