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Should Lautoka be the capital of Fiji?

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There's an interesting proposition floating in Fiji Exiles Board that Nadi businesses ought to relocate in Lautoka and even make the West city the prime city of Fiji. It makes a bit of sense - better weather for a start! One writer says:

I think business from Nadi and Ba atleast should consider relocating to Lautoka. Lautoka city itself is not subject to floods.

That would make Lautoka a very big and vibrant place. They should then make Lautoka the capital of Fiji. It only makes sense as the bulk of the economy, tourism and sugar are based in the West. It is only a 20 min drive to the airport. All headquarters of of the major government services should also be relocated to Lautoka. The location of Suva as the capital does not make sense. It is in the wrong end of the country. Common sense tells me the economy will boom just because the capital and centre of decision making will be located in the right place. As for Parliament...we do not need one.

Nadi businesses consider relocating April 07, 2012 01:54:07 PM A+ A-

Most Nadi businesses are now thinking about relocating, says Nadi Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Dr Ram Raju. Dr Raju said the recent severe flooding had caused big losses and some businesses are just trying to survive. He said a few shops are open while others are trying to get repairs and cleaning up done. The tourist town is expect to fully open by mid next week. By Mereani Gonedua

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