Friday, April 06, 2012

A different take on the week of floods

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Here's a perceptive letter to the editor of the Fiji Times:
Floods and values

There is no power so the TV doesn't work (if we still had one), so we have spent the last week actually talking. For those of you who have forgotten what it is like to sit around a candle and actually listen to your wives and husbands , your fathers and kids, your friends, even yourself รน you'd be amazed at how very interesting they have all suddenly become. No internet at night means conversation has become the alternative to broadband. Suddenly we are really smiling from deep inside again amidst piles of wet things. I am generally an optimist but it is so good to see people reaching out to help each other without motive or agenda.

Until iPhone comes out with an application that helps your phone find dry land by itself, I am starting to see through the inconvenience of our circumstances to the "wake up" call it represents (at least to me and mine). I love my wife. I love my life. I love the people of Fiji for their sense of community and humanism. God bless you all (and maybe even throw you a towel if you need one).


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