Monday, April 16, 2012

Sisters are doing it for others

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It's good to see the women of Labasa collecting items to help the women of Western Viti Levu affected by the floods. It must be really awful to have their homes wrecked by the deluge of water and many things damaged or lost. Vina'a va'alevu to the kind donors, thinking of others.
from the Fiji Times today:

Friendly people of north help affected westerners
Serafina Silaitoga
Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A HIGH response has been received from the community of the friendly north for gifts to flood victims in the west. Headed by the Labasa women and youth flood appeal, the response has seen civil servants, companies and even housewives collect household items for the women whose lives were shattered by the devastating flood.

Group leader Arieta Moceica has labelled the response as positive.

"So many responses have been received and interest have come in from housewives who have started collecting household items for our sisters in the west," Ms Moceica said. "It is not easy for a housewife who does not earn money to buy things for herself because even if she receives money, she will think of her family first and won't buy anything for herself," she said. "So the items we are collecting are clothes, perfumes, cooking utensils, undergarments, buckets, mops, brooms, scrubbing brush and anything else that will help housewives rebuild their homes," she added.

Ms Moceica said most of the companies and civil servants had decided to have their own point of collection to make it easier for their employees. "Next week Friday, all the donated items will be brought to Civic Centre which is the main area of collection and we will then hand it over to the Labasa special administrator (Vijay Chand) and the Commissioner Northern (Lieutenant Colonel Ilai Moceica)."

She says they are thinking of their sisters who are in problem. "We are thinking of our sisters and youths who have been affected in the west and we hope the donations from everyone in Labasa will help make a difference as they rebuild their lives," Mrs Moceica said.

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