Friday, December 02, 2011

Would a back-hoe really stop the floods?

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It's a nice gesture/gift to Labasa but as the township area is really built on swamp-land I wonder if a back-hoe is sufficient to really stop the water rising when the rivers become flooded AS THEY DO most summer seasons. Anyway, vina'a va'alevu for the gift as it certainly will be useful as in-effective drainage is part of the situation. This item from Fiji FBC.

Japanese grant to ease flooding in Labasa

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Flash flooding in the town of Labasa will now be a worry of the past with the $220,000 grant by the Embassy of Japan for a backhoe loader machine. Flash flooding has been prevalent in the northern town in the past and Labasa Town’s special administrator Vijay Chand says the timely grant will be used to look into the issue of drainage.

Hiring such machines would normally cost around $0.25m.

Chand says the fund will also be diverted to other areas including the expansion of the Labasa market and the upgrade of Subrail Park.

Japanese Ambassador Yutaka Yoshizawa says the assistance from Japan was timely and appropriate for promoting a sustainable environment within the vicinity of Labasa Town.

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