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Hard working student

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Many students in Fiji work really hard to achieve good results and congratulations to those who do very well. The motivation to look into the future for a good job is there for some, but alas, not all boys and girls. (I've been reading my grand-daughter's school reports and am delighted that her teacher has given her an 'excellent' for many aspects of her studies as well as in social skills. It was good to read a report that gives weight to aspects of social behaviour/interaction with other students, etc. as well as test results for English, Maths, etc.) Best wishes to Fiji's students who are now taking a break from their studies - have a good holiday!
North land lease loss spurs dux


Being a victim of land eviction 11 years ago was the motivation behind 18-year-old Atinesh Prasad’s success in school this year. Mr Prasad scooped the Best Science Dux Award at the Labasa Sangam College prizegiving ceremony on Wednesday. The memory of his family losing out after their sugarcane farm lease in Labasa was not renewed was still fresh in his mind.

His parents had to start afresh to provide for him and his siblings. All the struggles faced over the years challenged Mr Prasad to work hard in school to fulfill his parent’s dream.

“My family dreams of establishing a construction company in Labasa and I want to be part of it,” Mr Prasad said. He said that was one of the reasons he studied diligently to achieve his dream to become a civil engineer. “My father is a carpenter, my elder brother is a primary school teacher and an electrician, my second eldest brother is a school teacher and a plumber and my brother after him is a joiner,” Mr Prasad said.

The youngest of four siblings believes that knowledge and construction skills run in the family. “I have seen my brothers working very hard to make my parents dream come true. I also desperately want to do my share of work,” Mr Prasad said.

The Namara, Labasa, lad hopes he will get a Government scholarship to purse civil engineering studies at Fiji National University next year. He scored 327 out of 400 marks in the annual examination. He was also given a special award from the school for scoring the highest marks in introduction to technology, best designer in technology, deputy head boy, national winner of 2011 SPICTEX LEGO Robotics competition, first prize in Form 702 and overall third position in the national titration competition.

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