Saturday, December 03, 2011

Food Security in Fiji

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With such rich soil and so much arable land, Fiji should have abundant food to supply even more than local needs, yet Fiji imports a lot of food which is very costly at the supermarkets and shops, especially these days when many people are poor in cities and rural areas. The budget has one good idea here - about food security which is going to be a crucial factor in the future for many countries. Fiji ought to be an excellent breadbasket to feed the world.
the article above is from Fiji Times last Friday.

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Pandabonium said...

I agree. Here in Japan we are dependent on imports for 61% of our calories. Yet, I see farmland being turned into housing development, even though our population is declining! And the government is moving toward more "free" trade agreements which will further erode our food sufficiency - so we can sell more automobiles and plasma televisions. Very short sighted and due to a focus on a few making money rather than the many being happy and secure.

Fiji should be a model for localized, sustainable food production.