Monday, December 19, 2011

Santa in Labasa?

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It's hard to believe a replica of an ancient Middle Eastern bishop, St Nicholas, has melded into a character walking around the steamy wet and hot streets of Labasa! But there he was yesterday - in town, aka Satish Chand from Tuatua, a suburb of Labasa where Peceli is staying at present. Maybe Peceli saw him. It's a pity that these days Santa Claus has often got prime spot, instead of the baby Jesus.

Santa zooms into town


People on the main street of Labasa Town got a pleasant surprise when Santa Claus or Father Christmas zoomed into town on his motor bike yesterday. His appearance was a source of delight on the many faces in Labasa Town yesterday. He greeted people, both young and old, with his trademark greeting of Ho! Ho! Ho!

With Christmas only five days away and Santa Claus very busy with last minute gifts for children who have been good, he has sent some of his helpers to bring Christmas cheer.

And Satish Chand of Tuatua in Labasa is one of Santa’s helpers. For the past four years Mr Chand dons his Santa suit and jumps on his bike to bring a smile to children’s faces. Mr Chand said to him such a practice was a way of sharing Christmas spirit with the people of Labasa.

“Children read in books and watch cartoons about Christmas and see Santa Claus. So every year I try to make it real for them,” Mr Chand said.

The 39-year-old man said he wished to make people feel the joy of Christmas in these hard times and know that Christmas was a time of sharing love and receiving blessings. He said he was happy doing this because he brought smiles on children’s faces even though some little ones were scared to see such a huge man in a red suit.

His message to young children this Christmas: “Do not worry because Santa Claus is already in town.”

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