Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Free health checkups in Labasa

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Pro-active health care is a very good thing in Fiji where many sick people suffer in silence and only go near a hospital when they are extremely ill. Checking high blood pressure, sugar levels, weight, etc. by the nurses in visits to work places is very good. One of our friends, Joy, who is a retired nurse, often goes with Fiji nurses to villages in Vanua Levu to do these kinds of check-ups. Way to go! Here is an example from Labasa as reported in the Fiji Sun.
Free clinic for workers
Labasa Mill workers made the most of the free medical services at the World Day for Occupational Health and Safety in Labasa yesterday. Three Labasa Hospital staff nurses and two nursing students from the Then India Sanmarga Ikya Sangam Institute of Technology, Sangam School of Nursing in Labasa carried out free medical checks. Ministry of Health media liaison officer, Ilisea Tora said this was part of an outreach programme. “Such free medical services is part of the ministry’s outreach programme working with corporate organisations and the community,” Mr Tora said. He said the ministry wanted to provide primary health care services to all people. “It was a very good opportunity for the employees of Fiji Sugar Corporation at Labasa to have their blood pressure, sugar level and weights checked,” he said. Mr Tora said nurses were able to provide first-hand medical advice.

Labasa Mill general manager, Karia Christopher said it was a good opportunity for his employees to have a medical check-up without having to wait in long queues. “I am grateful to the Ministry of Health for taking part in the event and reaching out with medical help for my workers,” he said.

Mr Christopher said his employees were happy with the services provided directly to them as many did not have time to visit the hospital because of work commitments. Mr Tora said the medical outreach was a success as hundreds.

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