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Ratu Epeli visits Macuata

from Peceli,
I am happy to read that Ratu Epeli, the new President, is spending a week in Macuata which is a very practical thing to do, to get away from Suva's damp to the clean air of babasiga land. Macuata is the central area of development in Vanua Levu. Also there is a large Fiji Indian population connected with the sugar industry and Labasa town. Some time ago Ratu Jone Madraiwiwi visited Naduri and joined in the taralala with the Macuata people there. There is a good relationship between Macuata and Kubuna and the chiefly island of Bau. I read the story in yesterday's Fiji Sun.

President pays first visit to Macuata
Just days after being sworn into office, President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau arrived in Labasa yesterday on his first official tour as President. The week-long tour begins this morning where the President is expected to travel with senior government officials to Dreketi, Batiri and Seaqaqa visiting agriculture and irrigation sites. Since the arrival of Ratu Epeli, police has beefed security with at least 50 officers working on the ground. Ratu Epeli was quickly whisked away to his hotel by his personnel soon after a brief meeting with senior government officials at the Waiqele airport.

Regional Police Commander Senior Superintendent Luke Qionibaravi said the paramount role of the police is to look after his security. SSP Qionibaravi police security will be accompanying the President during his week-long visit. "We are providing the best security until Saturday for the President to see that he is being taken care of."

Divisional Planning Officer Northern Ratu Eliki Tikoidraubuta said the President's first official visit will be restricted to Macuata. Ratu Eliki said the province is privileged to have the President visiting.

The President will also be chief guest at the Remembrance Day celebrations on Wednesday in Labasa.

He will also open the Macuata Provincial Council meeting on Thursday in Naduri.

According to his schedule, Ratu Epeli will pay school visits on Friday and the Labasa Town Council.
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reposted from Fiji Village; And I wonder when he checked out the market did he really want to check out the public facilities? also, IMO these twenty minute dashes to inspect rice fields etc. may be good PR but unless they are followed up by the Agriculture departments aren't going to change anything. Actually, what is the role of a President, to open buildings, meetings, have a general overall look at the society, meet the people, be there when things get tangled up? Certainly it is good to see Ratu Epeli moving amidst the people and not sitting in his official office waiting to sign decrees!
President tours the North
Publish date/time: 11/11/2009 [11:51]
As the President tours the North this week, he has assured the farmers in Dreketi and Seaqaqa that the government knows the potential of rice farming. Ratu Epeli Nailatikau urged the farmers to work together with Agriculture officials in order to realize the pot of gold in the area.

Ratu Epeli visited the Dreketi Rice Irrigation, the Natural Seafood Company, the Taiwanese Timber Company which has been exporting timber from Vanua Levu to overseas buyers for some years now.

He told the farmers that it is the aim of the government to boost economic development in rural areas and enhance infrastructural development as priority. He told them not to lose hope but have faith and one day their problem will be taken care of.

Meanwhile, on his tour to the North visited a number of places in Labasa yesterday but people were shocked when Ratu Epeli made a surprise visit to the Labasa market. The President met the market vendors and exchanged some stories with them. Ratu Epeli also went to the extent of checking out the state of some public facilities in Labasa town.

The President will officially open the Macuata Provincial Council meeting in Naduri village tomorrow morning.

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