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Naseakula District School bazaar

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Peceli's old school was fairly new when he was there. Seems like the Labasa schools are into fund-raising at present - last week St Mary's and this week Naseakula. (I think the word 'developments' ought to be 'development'. Doesn't need an 's'! I really think the Fiji media are scratching for stories as they can't publish stuff about Fiji that we read on the overseas papers and TV - e.g. about one highly intellectual Labasa born gentleman! Of course the overseas media hype it all up a bit with old picture grabs that are years old!

Nasekula School raises funds for developments
A Labasa school is working hard to instill into their students the importance of learning vernacular. Yesterday, the Nasekula District School organised a fundraising drive in its mission to promote the vernacular curriculum, build a sheltered corridor and cement the school driveway.

Head teacher Letila Mataitoga said that this is the first time that the school bazaar is held at the chiefly village of Nasekula. “There are five stalls and each stall has been told to raise $2000,” said Mrs. Mataitoga.

“It will be a three-day event and the students will provide entertainment.

“The items will be performed every evening and during the day games will be held.”

Nasekula Village is the home of the Tui Labasa Adi Salanieta Tuilomaloma. Also it is where the late local media legend Ratu Stan Ritova, former parliamentarian Ratu Josefa Dimuri, former national rugby sevens star Jope Tuikabe and former national rugby loose forward Emosi Tatawaqa hails from.

The Nasekula District School bazaar is sponsored by the Labasa Tikina Holdings who had donated $10,000.

“We are doing this to ensure quality education for the all the children, this would be achieved through the joint efforts of all stakeholders,” Mrs Mataitoga explained. “The vision is that children should acquire a firm foundation of basic competencies that will help them cope with the demands and challenges of living in a multicultural Fiji.”

The school which was established in 1940 has a mission to provide, promote and facilitate excellence in the curriculum and in the teaching and learning all the subjects offered at our school.

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