Saturday, November 21, 2009

Problem with reading blogs in Fiji

from w
Looks like we need to take a break from posting. I was surprised when the stats counter indicated that fewer Fiji readers were accessing babasiga. Well, now I've been told why. From Fiji it seems that anyone wanting to read blogs gets a message that they will be monitored if they want to read a blog and have to go through another site first. Monitored? Most blogs are innocuous and well-meaning.

And just one more for the road: go to the tribewanted website for Jimbo's farewell interview from Vorovoro Island. Now that is one honest but good story - the eco-tourism venture near Labasa.


megcb said...

It's not affecting me Wen? maybe because I read them mostly off Google reader? That may indeed be a good solution?

...and I agree, most blogs are completely harmless and indeed positively promote the beauty of Fiji

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hello Meg,
It was a guy from the western side who alerted me to this situation. Yes, most Fiji blogs are worth reading, and though I do think that criticism is healthy about issues, some blog postings personalise and can be quite nasty.

Croz Walsh said...

Wendy, Peceli,
Re. your comment on monitoring and fewer blog visitors.

My blog shows a drop but Coupfourpointfive shows no change.

Would be interested in when your drop started.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hello Croz,
I really didn't notice it until about ten days ago though I don't check statistics methodically but I did notice a drop in the Fiji numbers but more in the 'Unknown'.

Andrew Thornley said...

And where will the government's power end now that we hear that the induction of senior church ministers has been prevented after the intervention of Police!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hello Andrew,
There have been a few items about the Methodist Church, some good, telling of the ordination of deaconesses, of men and women achieving their goal of passing their diplomas and degrees, but this one, well... I am amazed at the interference in church business.
Also, I read that the Rev Kelera who was appointed to Rewa to commence in the New Year has struck a problem as some chief has objected to her appointment there! There must be a lot of unhappiness in Fiji.

Andrew Thornley said...

Dear Peceli and Wendy,

I had not heard that news about Rev. Kelera. Well, the church will have to stand up strongly and assert its right to make appointments regardless of a chief's wishes. You can be sure that Ro Teimumu will be making her mind known to that particular chief. One of the highlights of my last trip to Fiji was to spend an hour with the high chief at Rewa and, though a devout Catholic, she is also a strong supporter of Methodism, attends services and values the work that the Methodist Church does in bringing a deep knowledge of the Bible to Fijian laypeople. She is also very impressed with the work of the local Vuli at Lomanikoro.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hello Andrew,
from Wendy,
This was how it was reported on Fiji TV news but the particular chief is not named. Seems like the church leaders are tiptoeing on eggshells.
One National News
High chief resists church appointee
23 Nov 2009 02:15:43
The Methodist Church in Fiji has admitted it has received an objection against the posting of its first ever woman as a Divisional Suprintendent. Reverand Kelera Wesele was appointed in September to be the Divisional Suprintendent in Rewa. However, a high chief in the Burebasaga confedracy has objected, forcing the Church to review the posting.

Methodist Church Ministers will start moving into their new divisions or circuits in the new year.. These appointments were made by the Church's Standing committee in September...

It has now emerged an objection has been received against the appointment of Reverend Kelera Wesele as the divisional superintendent for Rewa.

The Methodist Church will discuss this issue next month.. Nawadra adds the standing committee will need to discuss and resolve the issue. He says there are cases where ministers are asked to stay on by their respective congregations but some appointments are cut short because of difficulties between the minister and his flock.

Reverend Wesele is the first female to be appointed as a divisional superintendent.

Andrew Thornley said...

Dear Peceli and Wendy,
You can be sure that there is vanua politics involved here. I would think that the chiefly identity resisting Kelera is also opposed to Ro Teimumu and seeks to damage her position through an attack on the Talatala Qase.
What a tragedy it would be if the church did not support this very significant appointment.

Allen said...

Bula Wendy

From all the answers you got , people are still reading your blog. Yours is non political and a joy to read.

Please carry on Blogging.

bathmate said...

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Fiji Truth [Na Dina]. said...

Bula W & P,
Just saw this list from Fiji Today Fiji Today's Blog which you may have already seen. Fiji's ministry of Info has given a list of anti-bloggers. Here sthe link.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hello there Fiji Truth,
Oh dear, we are up the top -(starting with B) so does that mean a red pen circles our names? In the Babasiga blog we do back-flips not to be confrontational, and of necessity keep fairly quiet. Matters relating to our Methodist Church sometimes require comments though, and as we love Fiji passionately we want the people to live well and all people to have respect for what is good and decent.