Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Okay, okay, I've changed my mind

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For the sake of those who do log in to babasiga despite the eyes peering over their shoulders, I will continue to post! The busy bee journos from Labasa (Fiji Times and Fiji Sun) give us stories of Ravenish and his watermelons in the Labasa market, kindergarten kids graduating at the Cawaira settlement near Labasa, a footpath in Naseakula village, and donors from Korea extending the Labasa hospital. Nice positive stories spinning good times - (because other stories cannot be told). Here is one of the stories. Ah, those people up North are pragmatists!
Villagers celebrate construction of footpath

Women of Nasekula Village, Labasa were busy preparing a feast yesterday. The feast was in appreciation for the work the community was undertaking - the construction of a footpath throughout the village. Community members and people of Nasekula are working together to build footpath of 400 meters long.

Former Police Inspector Leone Nuimataiwalu and leader of the footpath project said it was very important to have a footpath in the village for many reasons. “During wet season it is very difficult to walk in the village because the ground becomes very muddy and footprints are left behind,” said Mr Nuimataiwalu. He said children found it difficult to walk to school during rainy season as their uniform got stained with mud. The footpath will lead right up along the track to Nasekula District School.

Retired Head teacher Josateki Rokotovitovi and a member of the community said they felt it was very important to have a footpath as Nasekula is a chiefly village and most gatherings took place there. “The building of the footpath will uplift the standard of the village,” said Mr Rokotovitovi. He added that about $10,000 was provided by the Government after various application forms were filled in and $4,000 was contributed by the villagers for building a footpath. Work began last month and hopefully will end by end of this month.

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