Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thanks to Labasa hospital says a 'guest'

from w
Letters to the Editor:

Friendly staff
THE warmth and friendliness of staff at the Labasa hospital's surgical and recovery units left a lasting impression in the minds of those who have undergone surgery there.

I was one of their guests lately and was deeply touched by the spirit of love and compassion expressed by the doctors and nurses toward the patients.

Thank you so much Dr Jaoji and your dedicated team of Dr Abhay, Dr Mugdha, Dr Tabua, Sister Salma, Acting Matron Luse, staff nurses Adi Asenaca, Kesa, Adi Tamana and Adi Vane and all of you I am unable to mention.

At a time when the effects of global recession is descending on us along with other unpredictable adversities, it is indeed heartening to find that in some little corner somewhere a bunch of beautiful people continue to faithfully serve their country and its people totally oblivious and undeterred by surrounding circumstances.

Josefa N. Dimuri

from w again: I've only been admitted there twice, (once to give birth to a 9 lb boy) and Peceli once for a bad elbow (and he was born there too of course many many years ago) so we say thank you also to Labasa hospital.

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