Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Day

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What a lovely day it has been for Easter Day (forgetting the world in a spin for a while) and the church was full of decorative butterflies! Here are some photos taken this morning at East Geelong Uniting Church because included in the Easter celebration there was a baptism of a little baby girl, Nanise Elizabeth, daughter of Christine and Damien, grand-daughter of Siteri who hails from Levuka - (bless her Lomaiviti heart!) Our minister is the Rev. Richard Franklin and the elder assisting in the baptism was Fae Horman. I played the music (leapt from organ to piano a bit) with Fae, our other muso, and led prayers of the people. (Peceli said not to mention Fiji or start to cry about it all and I didn't, just little allusions to chaos in the world and people of integrity keeping their cool! Before the service of worship had started, many people were asking me 'Hey,what's happening in Fiji. Our TV news is full of it', but I couldn't explain much at all because it's too painful.) Then we had a splendid morning tea for all the congregation with cakes provided by Siteri's family.


Julie Oakley said...

Oh Wendy what lovely photos and what sad Fiji news. I went first to the Fiji Times website - which obviously turned out to be pointless. My thoughts are with you and your family.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hello Julie,
News is bland today (Monday), but the Sunday Times yesterday apparently had a whole page white-out, and there were other white spaces on other pages where material had been censored. Fiji TV last night decided not to put out any news at all.

karlajean said...

Looks like a sweet celebration...and please know my congregation kept you, and Fiji in our Easter prayers.