Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Gone fishin'

frin w
Might give this blog a break for a while. Gone fishin' sign might go up - or rather just get on with some art work instead. Meanwhile will continue to post in the geelong blog perhaps. Too dispirited to keep on trying to be polite about Fiji.


Andrew thornley said...

No Peceli and Wendy.
You need to keep up your very quiet but effective messageboard of dissatisfaction with what is going on in Fiji.
People are desperate to know what is going on.
Sean Dorney, you would have heard, said the people in Fiji know nothing at all about what is going on: for example the Army's takeover of the Reserve Bank - heaven help us!
My colleague in translation Tauga Vulaono has just been appointed President of the National Association of Women, representing 200,000 people around Fiji. They are very concerned about how to make their feelings known during this time of Crisis.
You may also have heard that the Methodist Church had to get permission to hold a regional Conference in Fiji. The Uniting Church President, Gregor Henderson, is in Suva this very week.

thelongwayroundnz said...

Would have to say the same, you need to keep up with what you are doing, people need to know that the heart has not gone from fiji.

I have only started reading your work in the last few days, but am grateful.

Joe, Wellington NZ

Anonymous said...

Perhaps go to a New Zealand blog -http://coupfourpointfive.blogspot.com/
which has stories.

Children of Fiji said...

eceli & Wendy,
You cannot abandon Fiji 7 its people @ the hour of their need.

Please stay tune & watch with us. We will walk with you alond the way.

Just remember the famous story about the 'Footprints on the Sand'

nzm said...

Heart-breaking, isn't it? It makes me want to cry.

It's the only time when I've actually thought that another country's intervention might be a good thing - the lesser of 2 evils? If there was a resource of great value in Fiji, like oil, you can bet that some other country would have been in there by now.

I can understand why you don't feel like blogging. Sometimes the futility of everything overwhelms the drive to blog.

Have a break - and then come back! It would be too quiet without you around.


Anonymous said...

Here is a story today from Fiji Daily Post. (I guess allowed through somehow!)
Breakfast as usual
15-Apr-2009 11:45 AM

IT was breakfast as usual for the staff of this newspaper.

“I had leftover roti from last night”, senior reporter Manueli told his colleague yesterday morning.

Staff gasped with delight when Fiji Daily Post receptionist Lupe said her breakfast was a cup of latte coffee along with toasted currant bread.

Volasiga editor Setareki said he had tea and biscuits for breakfast.

Volunteer attachment Tim said he threw up for breakfast as he had had too much fried chicken the night before.

Also among the less fortunate was reporter Kuru who at midday said he was still waiting for breakfast.
Now don't you think that is a subversive story. Everyone should eat the same thing for breakfast because I tell you so. You must all eat Cabin Cracker biscuits, none of this individualism eh!

Anonymous said...

And here's another one, this time from the Fiji Times. A huge news story from Sleepy Hollow!
Levuka Streets calm
Thursday, April 16, 2009

With the current situation in the country, police have confirmed there have been no reports of major crimes being committed in the streets of the old capital city.

Spokesperson Levuka Police Station Corporal Evi says the streets have been calm for the past few days.

"No nothing happening here."

So far they have not received complaints from the citizens of Levuka.