Sunday, April 12, 2009

Out of darkness

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Here are two photos with relevant metaphors for life today - in Australia, in Fiji, in many places:
I. After the bushfires in Victoria a cross was made of wood found near Healesville and placed in Melbourne city for Easter. In an article in Crosslight magazine, the Moderator of the Victorian Synod of the Uniting Church, Rev Jason Kioa (who is Tongan) said, 'There is recovery, renewal, reconciliaton beyond the limits of death. Resurrection comes and we are confronted with new life beyond our own suffering. He called for 'space, time and grace' to those who suffered most in the recent fires. 'In our desire to 'fix things up' we can rush to wanting it all better. But there is no rush to the resurrection. There needs to be time to feel the loss. Let us give the people and the communities space, time and grace to feel their hurt, understand their loss and in God's season, be resurrected throuh it all.'

2. When browsing for images of Jacob's ladder, I found this fine photo by Pedro Szlit, taken inside a lava cave in Lavabed National Park, North California.
- from the Trek Earth website: 'The cave is extremely dark and very long and very scary. This light was blessed to see after coming back from a long walk in the darkness.'


Andrew Thornley said...

And so Fiji enters yet again a long walk of darkness.
With the expulsion of the experienced ABC reporter Sean Dorney from Fiji, how are we to know what is really happening in Fiji?
Who will shed the light on this darkness?

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Sean and Sia, both!
Sia Aston from New Zealand has also been given her marching orders. These are moderate kind of reporters, not parachute journos who jump in and write sensational disorderly pieces of writing, but observant and experienced writers. I listened to Sean Dorney this morning on ABC radio and his story was not sensational but just direct.

karlajean said...

oh oh oh....

the words on resurrection are deep, sad, and hopeful, yes?

prayers for Fiji...