Monday, December 29, 2008

Yaqona, yaqona, yaqona

from Peceli
Every Tuesday late afternoon a few of us get together for an hour to drink yaqona in Joe's house, but today it was in our home. Just Joe and me today, everyone else is on holiday. We mainly tell stories, or Joe does, about his life in Italy when he was a boy but as he got a golf set for Christmas the subject today was - guess what - golf!


Anonymous said...

sayawa o joe and tau.....

Anonymous said...

bula sia talatala,
Au sa tuqo i sydney. vakanuinui vinaka ni yabaki vou eda sa mai tekivutaka tale oqo. Ena yaco mai kina na vei vakalougata taki na bula na toso ni noda i nuinui na kalou.

loloma yani vale

Tui Mali

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