Monday, December 22, 2008

Schools in Labasa area

St Mary's Primary School in Labasa.
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Following on from the previous post about the interim government proposing that schools change their names to leave out ethnic or cultural identifications, here is a list of the current names of schools in the Labasa area.

All Saints Secondary School, Labasa
Bulileka Secondary School, Bulileka, Labasa
Labasa Arya Secondary School, Nakama Rd, Labasa
Labasa College, Labasa
Labasa Muslim School, Wailevu, Labasa
Nabala Junior Secondary School, Naduri Rd, Labasa
Nadogo Secondary School, Nadogo, Labasa
Naikavaki Secondary School, Hospital Rd, Labasa
Shiri Guru Nanak Khalsa Secondary Sch, Korotari Rd, Labasa
Solevu Junior Secondary School, Bua, Labasa
Valebasoga Secondary Sch, Valebasoga Rd, Labasa
Vunimoli Junior Secondary School, Vunimoli Rd, Labasa
Waiqele Secondary School, Waiqele, Labasa
Bocalevu Muslim Primary School, Bocalevu, Labasa
Holy Family Primary School, Labasa
Holy Family Secondary School, Sarwan Singh St Labasa, Suva
Korowiri Tovata Primary School, Korowiri Rd, Labasa
Labasa Primary School, FSC Hill, Labasa
Batirilagi District School, Seaqaqa, Labasa
Boubale Indian School, Lot 20 Boubale Rd, Labasa
Daku Bhartiya School, Daku, Labasa
Guru Nanak Khalsa Primary School, Labasa
Korotari Arya School, Korotari, Labasa
Kubulau District School, Kubulau Bua, Labasa
Mali District School, Mali Dist, Labasa
Naduri District Schoo, Naduri Rd, Labasa
Nasekula District School, Delailabasa, Labasa
Natewa District School, Natewa, Labasa
Nabekavu Primary School, Nabekavu, Labasa
Namau Primary School, Namau, Labasa
Qawa Primary School, Vunivau, Labasa
Seaqaqa Muslim Primary School, Natua Rd, Labasa
Solove Primary School, Navidamu Rd, Labasa
Waidamudamu Sanatan Dharam Primary Sch, Korotari, Labasa
St Augustine'S Government School, Bulileka, Labasa
Tabia Sanatan Dharam School, Tabia, Labasa
Valebasoga Public School, Valebasoga, Labasa
Vudibasoga Catholic School, Korovuli Rd, Labasa
Vunicuicui Sanatan Dharam School, Vunicuicui Rd, Labasa
Vunimoli Islamia School, Vunimoli Rd, Labasa
Vuya District School, Hospital Rd, Labasa


karlajean said...

although I don't understand the politics that are surrounding the proposal to change the names of the schools, it seems like a silly way to try to homogenize diversity--which I personally don't agree with in any case. Do some people feel less "fijian" than others? because of race, religion or ethnicity?

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Some people think to take away the tags in the names with somehow change the culture of focussing on ethnicity. Because Fiji for many years had two major ethnic groups, almost equal in population, the words 'Indian' or 'Fijian' have been over-emphasised, yet people forget that we classify ourselves in numerous other ways as well.

cat with the fiddle said...

hi, i stumbled upon your blog while searching for music and art schools. we have plans to relocate to fiji around the end of '09 or the start of '10, which would mark my daughter's entry to preschool. i was wondering if there are institutes in fiji that teach classical music, art or dance (ballet, jazz or tap) to young children. perhaps those that use suzuki method or other similar systems.

thank you very much! any help would be much appreciated!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hello, Cat with a Fiddle. I don't live in Suva but you could contact the guy who writes and he may have the answer, or contact one of the International schools in Fiji or Sun Yat Sen school or Fiji Arts Council or the Alliance Francais in Suva. They may be able to give you some information. Good luck.

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