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The on-going topic of the Qawa River trouble

a clean Qawa River upstream

a picture from google earth of part of Labasa town, via tribewanted.
from w
For years the people of babasiga just put up with the dirty river caused by the polluting Sugar mill and others who treated the river as a dump. Now it is an on-going protest and even the Methodist Church in Labasa has picked up the subject. Vinaka va'alevu guys.
from today's Fiji radio:
Protest march against Qawa river stenchWednesday, December 03, 2008
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The Methodist Church will lead a march this Saturday in silent protest against the foul smell coming out of the Qawa River. Rev. Savirio Vuata says people living along the QAWA River will not sit back any longer while nothing is being done to rectify the problem.

Rev Vuata says all they’ve been told is that the Fiji Sugar Corporation and the Vatura sawmill is dumping their waste into the river and the march is for authorities to look into the matter and stop the continuation of pollution.

He says people living alongside the river can no longer draw sustain from it because of the foul smell it holds which only happens when the sugar mill is in operation Rev. Vuata says it is only at the end of the crushing season when the river is somewhat normal.

The Methodist Church march will be accompanied by other religious bodies and villagers who live alongside the Qawa River and will start from the Nasea Methodist church to Macuata house.

A government official will await them at Macuata House to receive their petition.

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