Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Who is wearing those silly hats?

from w
When sorting books this morning for Donation in Kind, I came across a very battered 1971's Fiji book by James Siers, too falling to bits to send to a school, and too good to throw in a bin. However I rescued it and have found some interesting pictures. Can you guess who is wearing the strange hats? And doesn't the man in the middle look like his son Will! What a crowd was there that day, and are they QVS boys dancing? You know the occasion I'm sure.


nzm said...

Independence Day.

When Prince Charles walked across the road from the GPH to Albert Park, all the girls screamed when they realised who it was walking by them. You could tell where he was in the crowd from the direction of the screams!

My father does a superb imitation of Charles' opening line from his speech: When my mother, the Queen, told me that I was to represent her at Fiji's Independence celebrations, I was delighted." ;-)

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hi Nzm,
You were there! The way they talk just begs for mimicking though the Queen has toned down her high pitch and accent over the years. And we should never blame people for their accent eh! But the excesses of privilege doesn't go over well these days. And that goes for some fat talatalas too who sit at the top of the table!

nzm said...

I was there, but we were so far away from the action as it was really crowded in Albert Park, and they had huge grandstands erected on all sides that blocked the view for all those except the people who were lucky enough to be on them.

We stood in the shade of the Government Building and listened to the speeches, witnessed Ratu Mara being sworn in as Prime Minister, watched the Union Jacks being replaced by Fiji flags and officially sang the Fiji Anthem for the first time.

All the school kids were given medals to commemorate the event. I still have mine - somewhere at my parents' place!