Monday, September 08, 2008

A tidy village beside a serene sea

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What a pleasure it was to spend a day and a half at Rukurukulevu village in Nadroga. The houses are strong, the gardens lovely and the sea between the village and the island where the Fijian hotel is sited is serene. The cooling breeze blows into the house where we stayed and I recovered from the humidity of Suva. Our generous hosts, Jerry and Mereula, looked after us splendidly and it was so nice to meet with Peceli's friends there. The men work in their plantations each morning and many afternoons a choir dresses up neatly and goes to the Fijian resort to sing hymns and songs at weddings. Other village people work there of course and some perform mekes and traditional ceremonies. They have a beautiful church, meeting hall, large bure and a kindergarten.
It seems to be a good life - far from the crazy politics that obsess a few people in Suva!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for highlighting my village on the internet. It's good to get glimpses of home now and again as it is definitely a beautiful village.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Bula vinaka Anonymous,
Hey, do we know you? Yes, it's a beautiful place and with that cooling breeze, it beats any tourist resort!

Joe Navoka said...

Thanks a lot for the beautiful pictures Peceli & Wendy. I' am actually from Rukurukulevu village & a close cousin of Mereula, Im currently serving an operational tour out here in Afghanistan. It's snowing right now & Im feeling very home sick.

Joe Kunaluvea said...

Peceli and Wendy- thanks for a nice write up of my village.Even though Jerry has passed away his memories lingers on, he was a great man indeed. If you visit Fiji again please drop by in Rukurukulevu and have a bowl of kava.