Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Priorities in Fiji news stories

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While the developed world papers and media are shouting 'Sell, sell, sell' and all about 'Money, money, money' the Fiji papers have different priorities. a new phone company. A rugby player on the cover.
And a cartoon of a week or so ago tells it all about Fiji's concerns:

I like the way the Fijian girls just sit around in groups after the bus ran off the road. A Fiji Times story.
Students scramble out of problem bus
By Mereseini Marau
Wednesday, October 01, 2008
Jasper Williams High School students wait for transport back to school after their bus (inset) veered off the road. q Picture: ANOKH KUMAR
THREE students were rushed to hospital and about 50 thanked their lucky stars after they escaped uninjured when their bus ran off the road yesterday.The Nadi General Transport bus was carrying students of Saint Thomas High and Jasper Williams High schools when the bus encountered problems in Saweni.

Saint Thomas teacher Vinesh Mistry said as soon as the bus ran into a drain, the students started jumping out of windows.

"The rest rushed out through the door," he said. "The students reacted very quickly, it must have been due to all the incidents that have happened recently."

Mr Mistry said bus operators must ensure their buses are roadworthy. "There are so many lives at risk, they can't afford to have those kind of buses," he added.

Nadi General Transport director Jagdish Singh said it was fortunate no one was injured. He blamed the road condition, saying it was a contributing factor. Mr Singh said the bus hit a pot hole and part of it broke. "As a result it pulled off the road," he said. West police chief Fesaitu Kava said the bus was headed towards Lautoka from Nadi. "At a slope in Saweni, it developed a tyre problem and went off the road," he said. "Some passengers suffered minor injuries."

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