Sunday, January 13, 2008

a temporary church near Suva

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Peceli sent me some photos about a struggling community trying to build a church on the outskirts of Suva in a suburb called Newtown. The people meet in a tin shed and hope to build a nice building. As Fijians move to the urban areas they form a new social network and identity with a local community and seem to prefer to have a church within walking distance of their homes.

Peceli wrote: I thank God that I am able to spend my Sunday Church Service in the almost forgotten area that is Newtown close to Valelevu where the Housing Commission people struggle to make ends meet. Instead of spending my Sunday with Centenary Church.

As you can see in the picture they still worship in the tin shed for almost ten years and hope that one day they will finish their new church. So they need help money and working bees and our prayer are with them. One photo is of the two little girls before going to Church. Maybe one day they will be in their new Church building.

I preached there in the morning service and took photos of the Choir and some of the congregation. I got to know this community because they are related to my friend Sailosi Koto who is in my congregation at Altona Meadows in Australia.

This is a photo of the new church in progress. The congregation are struggling to get the funds to complete it.


laminar_flow said...

Funny thing about Christian love, when the Methodist church evicts people on land donated to them (Davuilevu).
The Meek shall inherit the earth, aye?

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Laminar, now your jab at the Methodists and the squatters at Davuilevu hasn't got much to do with this poor community at Newtown.