Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Bufo and a cigarette

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We were lunching on delicious Italian food with friends today and the subjects ranged widely in our conversation as we ate pasta, meatballs, chicken and roast vegetables, salad, cantelope, and Italian Christmas cake.

We even had a story from Fiji about bufo the cane toad.

The children used to light a cigarette, put it into his mouth and he'd huff and puff away a few times until smoke came out of his ears or somewhere. Then he would dance on his legs until he fell over!

Well, we were having fine wine with our dining (not me, only coca-cola) but I thought it a great story - you see I really really dislike the cane toads in the gardens of Fiji and how they hop onto the verandahs and even in the bathrooms! Bufo marinus is his real name, they say - and doesn't it suit him!

(added next morning - I wanted to put a tutu on him and some dancing shoes but somehow I don't think dancing on points would work for him!)


nzm said...


The worse thing was when I stood on them when walking on the grass in the dark - UGH!

The second worse thing was when the dogs rolled on dead, squashed toads on the roads, and smelled to high heaven, so we had to wash them to get rid of the stench.

The third worse thing was when they used to invade the dogs' dinner dishes to eat up the scraps. They made an unholy noise while doing it.

I hate them!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Happy holiday in New Zealand NZM.
Well, cruelty to dumb animals and all that, but you are so right about the cane toads in Fiji - and elsewhere. My little grand-daughter says she brooms them outside with the sasa!