Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Pictures from Nadroga/Navosa

from Peceli
Some of the photos taken a few days ago.
The trip to Korolevu Navosa was very interesting. The Valley road was not in a good condition so I felt pity for these people who live in the interior. Only the big trucks and four wheel drives could reach their destinations. While we were in Keiyasi village I said to the boys that in the last 40 or so year ago the road ended here.
We passed Vatumali the central station of Navosa where the Navosa College and the Police Station and the health Centre are. We went down to cross the Nasikawa river then we drove through and passed Vatubalavu and then climbed to the moumtaintop. It was a winding road and we crossed several creeks which we were lucky to pass through because of the four wheel drive.

There is a photo of the time we had lunch close to Korolevu, the last creek before the village. We ate dalo and tinned bulumakau and drank fresh pure water. We were sheltered by the rain forest. I told Bruce and Jerry I remembered the time I crossed this creek imany times with no shoes and no light.

Today I reached Suva today and came with Bruce Veikoso Ame's brother. We were staying together at Rukurukulevu in Jerry's house, the big brother of the late Ame from Savusavu. I happened to be in town so can send the photos.

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The Nareba Citcuit School in Cuvu Nadroga are in the pictures with Paster of the Church. Rev J Sivo Cuvu
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