Saturday, December 22, 2007

Kava ban for Labasa Methodists

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Well, well, that's something! The Methodists of Labasa town (but maybe not countryside) are on a kava ban for the Christmas season. Okay, too much kava is unhealthy but after all it is holiday time and hospitality requires - or does it - having a bowl of grog with visitors? I'm of the opinion that too much social kava drinking isn't good on work days but it is holiday time now. It has been suggested that a ban on kava might solve some social problems? Which problems? About parents neglecting children because they are grog-doped? Okay, fair enough. One week, then in January it's back to 'normal'!

Kava ban for the flockMERESEINI MARAU
Sunday, December 23, 2007

MEMBERS of the Labasa Methodist Church circuit are on a kava and smoking ban throughout the festive season. Circuit minister Samisoni Daunivala said the ban had been effective from the second week of November. Mr Daunivala said the ban would go on until the end of this year. Speaking in Fijian, he said that would be subject to review.

Mr Daunivala said that the ban was part of their cleansing process within the circuit as well as the vanua. He said there were social issues which had affected not only the vanua but the church members as well. While he did not wish to dwell much on the ban and the reasons behind it, he said that they were praying and hoping that the ban would serve its purpose.

He felt that the ban was the best thing to do to solve the social problems that had affected the people. He said the ban started with the people of Naseakula, the home of the Tui Labasa and where the circuit headquarters was based. Mr Daunivala said the ban was spearheaded by the church and was totally supported by the vanua. He said the people had supported the idea and abided by the wishes of their church leaders and the vanua.

He hoped that this festive season would be a meaningful one to all the members of his congregation and 2008 would be a prosperous one. Labasa circuit is part of the Macuata Methodist division.

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