Tuesday, December 18, 2007

'break loose the string and escape'

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A fishermen from Navua, Chandrika Prasad, put his line in on Sunday evening and a few hours later pulled in a 300 pound kavu (groper). He said he thought the fish would 'break loose the string and escape'. Some kind of string! I read this in the Fiji Sun yesterday and didn't believe such a fish would dwell in the Navua River, but when I told Peceli he said, yes, those kind of fish are in the rivers near Labasa and his relatives have caught one or two. The kavu open their mouths wide and everything goes inside. Then Peceli told me the story of finding a rugby match in full play inside a groper, and an Indian man selling tobacco! It sure beats the story of Jonah and the whale! Well I looked up kavu and groper on google and came up with a few stories and pictures. A few other stories came up on 'groper' too of course! Here's another fish story from Fiji.


Pandabonium said...

Wow! And some people say I'm a big mouth. :^0

nzm said...

Great stories.

The one that you link to written by Rob Wright Snr is out of his book Hook, Line and Sinker.

His son, Rob Wright Jnr, was married to my cousin for quite some years, and it's more telling that I keep in touch with Rob more than I do with my own cousin. In fact, I'm seeing him on Boxing Day when we arrive in NZ and go to his daughter's place for a BBQ dinner.

Anonymous said...

I've just started reading "With Hook, Line and Snorkel" which I found in a local thrift store and find it fascinating. The book has a Merry Christmas greeting inscribed by Lew, Suva, Fiji 1969.
(The book was published in 1969.)