Friday, December 07, 2007

and tribewanted on Vorovoro Island

from their chief's blogsite:
Posted by Aaron Wheeler 6 hours ago
Island manager Kimbo sent this update:

hi guys,

unfortunately it looks like Vorovoro is going to take another battering in the next 48 hours. tropical cyclone Damon is heading straight for Labasa, after spinning around and gaining intensity about 350km off the NW coast of fiji.

The team on the island have shifted everything they can into tui malis house to try and protect it. over the last few weeks we have worked hard on making preparations and emergency procedures for the next cyclone, so this weekend will prove if again, vorovoro can stand up to mother nature and not be defeated.

myself, craig and anna are currently in nadi, (due to head back on tuesday). we are getting regular updates from the guys on the island. they are all ok. they know whats coming and its just a matter of sitting it out, and then a huge clear up operation afterwards if we take a direct hit……the front of the storm is on the island now, with the centre to hit around 8pm tonight. ..with nadi taking a smaller hit overnight.

duncan, julia, carol, chief alisi, tribe member jon depa and gilo, and the vorovoro family are all together and safe. we wish them well, im sure they will be!

will keep you updated…


Posted by Ben 22 minutes ago
I spoke with Giles on Vorovoro earlier today (Friday) and they were well prepared.

Unfortunately it does look like the eye of the storm, which has now been upgraded to a hurricane in some reports, will be hitting Labasa pretty much as I write.

This could have significant damage to the island villages. We’ll just have to hope that it isn’t as bad as it is forecast. I have no doubt that the tribe members, team and family, however, will all be safe.

We’ll keep you posted.

and posted on 8th November:
On the morning of the 8th, Cyclone Damone has been downgraded and is now barely on the threshold of hurricane force winds, about 120 kmph. Vorovoro has clearing skys this morning with minimal cleanup to do. Not only have all of the structures survived, but the gardens have not washed away!
Very good news.

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fightinjoe said...

Yes, both Fiji and Vorovoro got very lucky this weekend! While there is cleanup to do, there is little to no damage to the island, and most importantly, everyone is safe. The comments on the original blog post are being updated as news develops.